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Order Processing Steps

Typically any online ordering flow would have a pre-determined number of steps from initiation until the placement of the order and it flows sequentially. However the advantage of going for voice based ordering is to command in any order where the vBot will recoginze the dynamic flow and places the order.



vBot is more than an app, it is a complete solution built and hosted in the cloud with the following capabilities.
● Artificial Intelligence
● Machine Learning
● Indent Classification
● Training the Bots
● NLP, Fuzzy, Dataset Preparation, etc

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Any technique which enables computers to mimic human behaviour

Machine learning
Machine learning

Subset of AI techniques which use statistical methods to enable machines to improve with experiences

Natural language processing
Natural language processing

Teaches systems to be intelligent, learn from experience and understand human language

Future Enhancements

The utilization of voice bots will likely extend its horizons in the near future and voice bots would be more prepared to meet human expectations when it comes to behavior.

● Increase accuracy of response
● Unsupervised learning data need to train
● Promote Special Deals
● Personalize Food Recommendations
● Send automatic reminders