Fishbowl one of our esteemed customers engaged us to participate in “Guest Analytics” a state-of-art data analytics platform of Fishbowl through which it is helping restaurants grow with Data-Driven marketing

key challenges are:
  • Critical Point of Sale data with large size to be imported, verified, studied and concluded
  • Time critical operations, no room for trial and error
  • Business critical end clients (Major Brands) of Fishbowl involved

Huge amount of “Point of Sale Data” to be analyzed to get valuable insights

Systematic, disciplined, process oriented approach for applying data analytics

Our Approach

Our approach consists of carefully crafted work break down that are highly process oriented and systematic without compromising the time factor; here are those

  • Existing Data / “To be processed” Data is thoroughly analyzed and segregated (E.g. Historical, Incremental, Structured or Unstructured etc)
  • Unique methodology is designed for processing historical and incremental data
  • Unstructured data is aligned
  • Data is validated / checked against predefined set of rules in order to make the data ready for further processing.
  • Data is corrected to make it accurate (Extensive collaboration needed)
  • Data is imported into SQL server
  • Data injected into Hadoop HIVE (Various tools and technologies are involved including not limited to HIVE, PIG, OOZIE, SQOOP etc)


  • Customers On-boarding and live data analysis made more easy and efficient
  • Customers identification (for reaching out to them) without compromising Data Privacy
  • Promotions, offers drive through state-of art technology called “platform”
  • Making restaurants grow through a superior understanding of and deeper engagement with their guests
  • Customized drill through reports
  • Providing insights into sales data comprises of various key factors such as Order Types, Store Level drill down, Day Part and much more...

Providing deeper insights into guest data without compromising the data privacy of guests

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