I am at hotel now….Any taxies nearby?

I am in the mood of helping others…..I want to donate blood? Anyone in need?

My friend is in need of first aid? Can someone help please?

Got it!!! These are real time scenarios we face in day to day lives despite how much well organized and well prepared we are….

Thought about this scenario, a California based organization, One Whistle Inc., wanted to create a platform which provides capabilities to search, consume services and communicate with individuals of common interest.

Our Solution


After carefully understanding the client needs, a MOBILE APP was developed which runs on both iOS and Android platform which consists of the following facilities

Consumer can just inform their needs by a simple touch

Mapping consumers and providers in a real time manner using state-of-art GPS technology

Neatly categorized services enables easy search and find

Default configuration makes customers life easy; it is customizable too if you want to drill down more

Final Product (WHISTLE)

No matter if you are at home, work, transit, or the local pub, you will receive a Whistle when there is a producer or customer nearby. Services can range anywhere from retail, social, or personal.

Whistle also gives companies the ability to identify prime locations for business activity thereby simplifying the survey process while eliminating tiresome, repetitive monitoring and search processes.

WHISTLE revolutionizes the way our world works by seamlessly connecting and merging consumers and producers. Users can ask for any services they need and can list theirs too. It enables efficient collaboration by connecting people with no cumbersome process.


WHISTLE is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting people with one another, we build relationships through our app. Whistle provides capabilities to search, consume services provided and communicate with individuals for common interest.

Technologies used

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