"Understanding the expectations is always the key"

Whenever we design websites using our UI / UX expertise we always keep in mind the best practices to be followed and implemented and we inform the customers upfront the pros and cons of applying different models. We did the same here and we were able to understand the expectations not at the high level but at the micro level.

"Here are a few websites we like but ours should be unique….A typical challenge"

Customers always have in mind a set of websites for reference and there is no exception here. The challenge is bringing an essence of what the customers need based on their references but at the same token maintaining the uniqueness of the new web site. There is no thumb rule for achieving this result; here is where our UI / UX designers played a major role.

"Does the customer really has to say our site should be responsive…Even if they don’t tell is it not our responsibility to explain them the purpose of responsive website and implement."

Yes, CLYP is developed as a 100% responsive website. For those who want to understand what responsive means here is the answer. If the pages are designed as responsive then you need not to worry about how these page look in different devices. It is always good to go. The pages look good on all devices. And few more tweaking are needed to make it work in multiple browsers to make the pages compatible with multiple browsers.

"Customer does not want just a set of web pages but also want to display their business model through pictorial representation."

We did this by carefully understanding the business process after having multiple discussions with the customer and our UI / UX experts reflected the same in a fantastic manner.


Last but not least, a marketing Brochure is important!!!

Always the outlook and content consolidation differ from websites and brochures and we know this better. We did this with a flourishing look.


Acknowledgement and appreciation from customer

“Outstanding work. Thank you. We are good to go, with a great piece of marketing material!”
- From "EVP Marketing & Business Development of CLYP"

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