About Calicom

Calicom,Inc is a California company that provides cloud based collaboration technology which specifically focuses on making absolute sense of conversational content. vThink and Calicom had a strategic partnership and developed a product 'LOM - Library of Meetings' to store conversational content from any platform. The content become immediatley accessible and shareable.

Turn Meetings into assets

LOM is a home for recorded meetings, on whatever platform conducted, to make them useful and accessible. Whenever you are collaborating online through Skype, WebEx, Citrix, etc., use the LOM app to record that collaboration session and tag the session in real time. Once the session ends, the recorded version will automatically file into personal library of meetings.


Seek to the Moment

All of the meetings in library can be searched by attendee, topic, date, follow-up, etc. and each of the tags for that meeting have an associated time stamp. That means in seconds you can "seek to the moment" in any meeting to find just the portion you are looking for. Any meeting in library can be shared with others as well so they can have access to the meeting and the associated notes/ timestamps.

Recording of Meetings

Recording of meetings that took place prior to adoption can be imported into your library where smart-tagging will provide tag suggestions (with time stamps) to make those meetings useful and accessible as well. Turn your collaboration sessions into re-usable assets by storing them in the LOM.

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