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vThink and CLYP have partnered to implement the retail grocers a 360⁰ customer intelligence and 1:1 engagement and interaction platform that helps them take loyalty, advocacy and engagement to a new level. The next generation technology platform can be implemented in a matter of days and uses state-of-the-art technology for super simple POS, Digital & Social integration.

Upon registering through the CLYP platform, shoppers receive their first timely & personalized notifications and offers delivered to their cell phone, at the right place and time. CLYP’s Patent Pending “Adaptive Personalization & Engagement” engine will take it from there. With Adaptive Personalization your ability to please and retain your customers just keeps getting better with each action, each view, each interaction, making it more and more timely, relevant and serendipitous.


A food chain stores typically offer groceries, natural foods, and liquor, as well as in-store pharmacies. The company operates about 130 supermarkets and superstores in California and Nevada. In addition to about 80 flagship A food chain Superstores, the company operates about 20 Bel Air Markets (in the Sacramento area), Nob Hill Foods (an upscale Bay Area chain with more than 20 locations), and nearly 10 discount warehouse stores under the Food Source banner in Northern California and Nevada.

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Food Chain Stores vThink along with Clyp (Acquired by Fishbowl in 2015) implemented the digital marketing platform to deliver highly relevant offers, rewards and notifications via mobile text, push, pass, Ad, SMS, email, and web.

We helped Clyp achieve more extensive Geo-Graphic reach of Target Reaching by reaching customers in-store, in-aisle as well as “out & about” via CLYP’s platform location based BeaconPoint and GPS technology.

We helped Clyp redesign iOS and Android Apps to have an easy shopping experience for the customers by make it even simpler to browse fresh products, promotions and create a list of products to order and pick-up at select locations. Using the digital marketing platform, customers get more personalized offers push relevant offers to make sure they don't miss any savings!

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Sarbear said:

This is my favorite grocery store App! Fantastic app. Fantastic app. Easy to find offers and check the rewards

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